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Why You Should Choose Wildcrafted & Organic Skincare

Wildcrafted & Organic Skincare

Truly wildcrafted ingredients growing in their natural environments are the most energetically alive and nutrient-rich of all organic ingredients. Their overall integrity is superior and for this reason, wildcrafted ingredients are our first choice for OM PUR skin care products. Organic & cultivated certified organic ingredients are our next choice. Finally, a minimum usage of natural ingredients is required to complete some of the products.

Wildcrafted organic plants have a powerful life-force energy and regenerating nutrients that are in harmony with our bodies. As a result, neurotransmitters present in our skin respond favorably by producing B-endorphins when products like OM PUR that use harmonious ingredients are topically applied. B-Endorphins called ‘happy’ hormones, convey messages to our brain that give us feelings of well-being. These subtle feelings of well-being are important keys to maintaining a healthy body, a happy state of mind and a glowing look of youthful radiance.

Applying products to our skin that are less vibrant or that have harmful substances in them can have an opposite effect on our overall state of well-being. What we apply topically is ultimately assimilated into our bodies. To support a healthier physical and mental state, it is important to make informed and wise choices about what we eat, drink and put on our skin.