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Our Golden Principles


We believe a true measure for success in life is the depth of caring expressed by treating others & our Earth with loving kindness & graciously giving of ourselves & our resources. This is the foremost principle we live by & act upon.


Giving back to the Earth is a way of life for us. We take care to conserve energy where possible, use no harsh chemicals in manufacturing or cleaning, use recycled & recyclable materials and recycle daily.


Our ingredients are from global sources where animals, micro-organisms & their ecosystems & people are protected. Sustainable practices support a thriving, healthy, natural diverse environment.


Only wildcrafted, organic & natural ingredients are used. We use no harsh chemicals & no animal testing is conducted on our ingredients or our products. We select our ingredients for their benefits to skin & the overall well-being of body, mind & spirit.


Our products are created with cold-processing extraction & blending techniques to maintain high nutrient values & energetic qualities of the live ingredients. Plant electrons undamaged by heat or chemicals are more readily assimilated into skin where they can more effectively be used for cell & tissue regeneration.


We produce our products in our lab & packaging facility located in the pristine environment of the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. While strictly adhering to ‘Good Manufacturing Practices’ established by the FDA, we also take great care when preparing our 30 day cold-processed herb-oils, chemical-free plant extracts & blending our products. This insures the highest possible activity & effectiveness of all OM PUR skin care products.


OM PUR Alive and Ageless Skincare products are packaged in recyclable or reusable amber glass to preserve their integrity and effectiveness. By choosing dark glass packaging over plastic, harmful gases leaching from plastics cannot compromise product purity, or degrade or alter the natural ingredients. Amber colored glass is effective in preventing photo-oxidation from damaging the products.